Stop comparing your life to hers. It’s time you unveiled the beauty in your own story.

I can teach you how.


by showing you how to pair the creative avenues of writing and photography together, I give you the tools to artfully document your life exactly as it is, in all it’s sacred glory.

What I do is train you to hunt for the meaning, depth and purpose in your days, no matter your current circumstances.

I do not gloss over suffering. I do not mute the pain sounding in your heart. I do not contrive or force significance into the season you’re living. 

Jesus — the source of beauty — has woven it into this world to tilt our heads upwards, to whisper lovingly, “Taste and see that I am good. This is only the beginning.” My words and images create environments that enable others to experience that beauty.

 I can teach you do to the same. 

 Hearken is the Online cOUrse i've created to teach you how to document your days in way that connects you to the present and shifts your perspective. 

iT will equip you to fight for joy.

I’ve been doing this for over four years now.  When I fully engaged myself in creative habit, I didn’t gain instant social media fame or turn a huge profit.

Instead, I got exactly what I needed: healing.

I know you need this too. We all do. Because the world is broken, scary and dark. We need reminding that the hard things we’re going through in life are not the end-all.  

Experiencing beauty makes us brave. 

If you can find the beauty in your struggle, you can see the purpose in it.  You can find God in it.

The truth is, a healed person is a whole person. A whole person operates from a place of deep, unwavering gratitude no matter wherever life has planted her.

It's time the world heard the story of your rising. 

I'm here to help you tell it.