“härken, [hahr-kuhn] to give heed or attention to what is said; listen.”

stop comparing your life to hers. it's time you listened to the beauty in your own.


i do not gloss over suffering. i do not mute the pain sounding in your heart. i do not contrive or force significance into the season you’re living. 

what i do is train you to hunt for the meaning, depth and purpose in your days, no matter your current circumstances.

by teaching you how to pair the creative avenues of writing and photography together, i give you the tools to artfully document your life exactly as it is in all it’s sacred glory.

jesus — the source of beauty — has woven it into this world to tilt our heads upwards, to whisper lovingly, “taste and see that i am good. this is only the beginning.” my words and images create environments that enable others to experience that beauty.

i can teach you do to the same. 



Hello, friend. I’m Breanne Rodgers.

Professional photographer and published author turned joy-seeker. I’ve been weaving imagery and written word together for going on two decades. My husband and I ran a wedding photography business for five years. I’ve worked with brands like Artifact Uprising, Dock-A-Tot, Happiest Baby and Kelly Moore. I’ve been published by The Village Magazine and was a 2017-2018 Sling Diarist for Sakura Bloom.  

And through all of that I found when engaged myself in this creative practice, I didn’t gain instant social media fame or turn a huge profit. Instead, I got exactly what I needed: the courage to pursue my own healing. 

I know you need this too. We all do. Because the world is broken, scary and dark. We need reminding that the hard things we’re going through in life are not the end-all.  

Experiencing beauty makes us brave. 

If you can find the beauty in your struggle, you can see the purpose in it.  You can find God in it.

The truth is, a healed person is a whole person. A whole person operates from a place of deep, unwavering gratitude no matter where life has planted her.

I want to help you get there.

it's time the world heard the story of your rising. 

I'm here to help you tell it. 

What others are saying after engaging with my online content (and sticking around for years as a result):

"I just adore the space Breanne has created on social media. Always uplifting, always full of grace, always real, and always beautiful even in the messy and hard parts of life. I love souls who wrestle with the hard parts of life and who are honest with themselves and those around them, who are willing to give of themselves to connect and pour into the lives of others, and that’s what you’ll find in the gorgeous space she’s created." -Parla, Red Lake Ontario

"Breanne has the most amazing way with words and her photographs bring those words to life. She has created a soothing and comfortable space, where everything is authentic. You feel like you’ve been friends forever and she has the biggest, kindest heart." Nadya, Cape Town, South Africa

Breanne's space here has been a gift and light during a very hard and dark season. Her gift for finding beauty, grace and delivhted in the midst of a chaotic season of life, embracing her seasons and investing in her little ones is an inspiration and challenge for me as a newer mother. Her words often bring me to tears as I connect and point me more to Jesus. I learn from her honesty and rawness that's written with grace." -Charis, New York City, NY

"Breanne’s space is one I intentionally seek out because of the beautiful authenticity she exudes. Her photography draws you in initially and her words make you want to pull up a chair and stay a while. She openly shares real struggles while savoring the beauty in the midst of the chaos of life." -Sarah


Is this course a devotional?

No. Although I am a Christian and the themes of my faith are woven into every aspects of what I teach, this is not a creative course solely for Christians. Regardless of your beliefs, you are welcome here!

How is the course presented?

The course is given in a six week format. Each week will have a specific theme (How To Make Space for Slow, Learning to Build a Story, etc,) as well as corresponding homework to help you learn how to implement these practices into your daily life. Although the duration of the course is six weeks, you get lifetime access! Which means you can go back to the different modules and dig as deep as you want whenever you need. This isn’t a “one and done” style of course. This is a curriculum designed to teach you to document your life in a wholesome, mindful way.

What is the investment?

As I’m still in the trenches of doing A LOT of behind the scenes to get this ready for the “official launch” at the first of the year, I can’t share prices just yet. Please sign up to my email list to be the first to know when doors open so you can save your seat!

Will this be a course centered around using Lightroom?

Short answer: not at all. However, I will be exclusively disclosing ALL of my secrets for editing your images in Lightroom in this course as an included, completely free bonus. Learning the skills of editing is a powerful way to bring out the full vision and potential of your images.

I'm honestly not into writing at all, is this course for me?

Nope, and that’s totally ok! This course for people who truly find solace and joy in the art of writing.

I don't own a 'professional' camera but I love taking pictures! Will I still benefit from this course?

Yes! While having a big camera and fancy lenses can widen your ability to tell the stories you want. If all you own is a simple digital camera or even a phone with a camera, you can still definitely benefit from this course.

I'm already a photographer and/or writer, if I complete this course, will it improve my photography business and help grow my current social media following?

While my focus is not on you starting a blog or growing a social media following, I can say that if and when you’re ready to share the stories I help you unveil through this course, it will undoubtedly connect you with a community of like-minded people with similar values. That’s the power learning to beautifully document your life in an honest, unapologetic way: it connects us to one another.