our christmas tree

It's our second Christmas season with Behr and I truly mean it when I say experiencing it with him is bringing all the magic back. I know, I know. Every new parent is saying something similar right now. But sometimes things are said often because they're true and deserve to be celebrated. I believe that regardless of how many people are participating in the same thing together.  

A few days after Thanksgiving, we found a tiny, local tree farm (how millennial of us!) and bundled our little buddy up to find the one. We must have been late to the game because our chubby tree was pretty much the only one there that matched my idea of what a proper Christmas tree should look like. 

Behr was completely enamored with all of it. He kept asking to grab the tree branches and stopping to balance himself on the stumps of trees already gone. He waddled around in his new boots and jeans that are currently too big for him and stole my heart all over again.

Surprisingly, this was the first time any of us had ever been to a real tree farm. I love that our first time, was his first time too. All these little traditions, all these memories together. I know he won't remember that cold day in November, but the chambers of his soul just might. And, hopefully, days like this will lay a foundation of love and joy in his heart.

A  beginning to build his life around.