rest, found.

The second week in September came with a few trials. Nothing drastic, nothing necessarily life-altering. Just a culmination of many things piling one on top of the other until we found ourselves sinking under their combined weight.  Then, Saturday evening came. 

We pulled jackets onto our arms, strung up our boots and found ourselves wandering aimlessly on the soggy, yellow grass in the park. The sun pooled in the brim of my hat and caught itself like some wild thing in the tangles of Behr's wisping hair. Jonathan's walked slowly, his frame casting a long, familiar shadow on the earth. We breathed in the chilled, Autumn air (the first we've had yet!) and watched our sweet Behr light up, alive and bright with energy, out there under the sky. 

And somehow, as the sun melted in her own shy way into the horizon, I felt all the stress from earlier leak right out of my spirit. It was just the sort of ordinary magic we needed.