the cold and what follows

Winter fell on our part of the world in a gentle fashion; playful, tender and smelling like earth. But come February, she turned, showing us her glittering cold side. She's taken our breath with her fierce beauty and chilling temperatures, but we don't mind all that much. As I write this, snow is drifting from heaven like feathers and I'm wearing my thick socks. Behr is chattering happy over his toys and we're both counting the hours until Jonathan gets home. This season is for cozying up in favorite corners of the house and filling our bellies with warm comforts (our new French Press is helping with that). This season is for slow starts in the mornings and bright, crackling fires at night. I appreciate the opportunity to turn inward and stoke the simple warmth we might have forgotten about in the lighter months.

It's there in the cream sunlight filtering through the curtains. It's in Behr's expressive face that--thankfully--still carries the curve of babyhood with it. It's in playing for hours with racecars and airplanes everyday. It's holding hands and knitting hearts together and praying hard for hopeful adventures coming with Spring.

It doesn't matter how much cold Winter shakes from her silver tresses, we'll thank God for changing seasons and learn to keep one another warm in the meantime.