Some days, life can press heavy on my soul. As if I am trying to forge a river at night. I'm blind in the dark with chilled currents wrapping tight around my legs, tugging on my skin. I don't know how far it is to the other side. My footing is uneasy. I'm slipping and choking on fear. 


A hand finds mine. I recognize this touch. The warmth of it sends a charge to my heart. Suddenly there's blood pumping back into my quaking limbs. 


Our fingers slip firmly into one another's empty spaces. An interlocking, a reassuring. Only God could know how we'd fit together all along. 

You can't see any more than I, yet we steady one another and move forward. And somewhere in the distance I see the dim outline of a tree-lined shore.

Walk with me a bit futher, love?

Dawn is coming.