hello summer

It's finally here.

I caught myself looking up at our trees suddenly laden with thick, green leaves. Warm air brushed across my skin. The sky was that pale blue color that wanes under the presence of the mid-afternoon sun. I felt it.


Winter is harsh here. There can be weeks of ice and bitter-tongued wind. Although I truly find beauty in every season, it can begin to wear me thin. I think it's the trees that make me the saddest. I find myself watching their barren arms beating up against the indifferent, white skies and pleading for warmth too. The thawing may come slow. But it does come. 

Somewhere a cicada let it's call rattle through the trees just now. That rasping summer lullaby, proclaiming simmering sunsets and holidays and salty food on our tongues.

Look around. All that goodness and honey-toned light and green we were longing for? It's here. It's here!

It's not that it's a bad thing to desire change. I just don't want to get so caught up in always longing for something better that I miss out on the good unfolding right in front of me. It's all too easy to blind myself with discontentment. Oh, to live with eyes wide and grateful!

Thank you, Jesus for your promises kept in the turning of the seasons. Thank you for weaving the branches with choruses of leaves and the ground with shy blossoms. Thank you for sun in our palms and a nearly two year old boy's arms draped on my shoulders. Thank you for the glory that is Summer.

"We will all be born again
When the winter days are dead
And we shed our silhouettes
We will all be born again
We are beautiful" -Beautiful, Austin Plaine

ps. If you're needing some bright, hopeful music to ignite your weekend. You can find my latest playlist, by clicking: HERE (think sunrises and nodding flowers and the earth warming to life, I know you'll love it).