for today

"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid." -Fredrich Buechner

A nation anticipates, opinions spewing for the left and for the right. The world groans, evil no longer lurks but flaunts. Everything is loud. This continual hammering on my senses, beating me flat. I feel the sharp crank of fear twisting up my stomach like metal into wood.

But, somewhere a boy bends Kentucky grass underneath his feet as he walks home. The west-falling sun weeps into the trees and splashes on his skin. His tiny gait draws him toward the light. I release a slow stream of oxygen from my pleading lungs. I stop holding my breath. I stop holding so tight. I find, then, that I am held. I AM held.

"I AM WHO I AM." holding me, holding all of this.

God reaching through the the tilted, blue expanse of the earth to know me, to sing hope over my tired limbs. To carry me home.

And maybe that--the ridiculous, hope-riddled stubborn grace Jesus offers--is we all need to rest easy today.

The scent of wildflowers is thick out here. Their delicate bodies nod in the breeze and I inhale His invitation, "Yes Jesus."