the hope ledger

Now that we've covered the why behind documenting your life and how you can do it right from home, I can finally share a simple way for you to display and enjoy those moments you're working to document. 

To be clear, this isn't a post on scrapbooking. This about encouraging you to seek out the good things, the beautiful things, the gone-too-soon things. This is about you seeking them out to be gathered up and tucked away some place safe. This is about staking your claim on the evidence of God's grace in your life. Of course there are countless ways to do this, but today I'm showing the current way I'm practicing this art in my life.

Today, I want to introduce you to my latest project: the Hope Ledger. the needed discipline of seeking out and recording grace in the ordinary. 

In order for this to work (for me), it had to be:

  1. Easy
  2. Beautiful 
  3. Not a big time consumer
  4. Affordable

I wanted to achieve the look I was going for with simple, easy to use supplies. I chose moleskine journals because I'm in love with the clean design. The white one is solely for daily documentation. I only write in that one and make sure the dates are accurate. The black notebook is my Hope Ledger. It's actually the 'sketchbook' version of moleskine with thicker paper (111 lb.) Yes, that extra bit of thickness is important when you're attaching things like pictures and washi tape to the pages. I fill it with tiny prints + words that foster and attitude of thankfulness in my heart. It's such a fulfilling discipline. 

Insider Tip: Have an (accessible) designated location for your journaling supplies. Because our home is small with limited storage options, this little basket is serving as a temporary home for all my stuff. It works because, right now, I have to leave it out in the open and I don't mind looking at it on the regular. Plus, because it's where I can see it, I'm more prone to pick it up and work on it if I have a spare moment. 

Some of my first pages for inspiration. Everyone has different tastes, but I was going for clean lines and cohesive look. Mostly because I don't have tons of time to spend on each page, ha!  Side note: allow yourself to make mistakes and not stress over it. I realized pretty quickly that I have a perfectionist mindset when it comes to journaling like this. But if I held onto that, I knew it would keep me from working on this at all. So, here's to the messy process of documenting life. It feels quite metaphorical really. 

And now to my favorite part: the prints! If you haven't heard of them already, allow me to introduce you to the wonder that is Social Print Studio. I've always been supremely satisfied with the prints I've ordered from them. And I'm picky about texture, color, and yes, even the weight of the paper used. And did I mention how affordable they are? I got this batch of 48 prints for $15. In my experience you're not going to find another company that delivers this much quality for that good of price. I decided to only use phone pictures for this project and I'm completely smitten with how they turned out. 

And there you have it, friend. A small tool I'm using in the fight for joy: the Hope Ledger.

 I won't pretend that this take on journaling is groundbreaking. But I will share honestly that it's been good for me to do this. It's therapeutic in a way; this gathering of bits of our life in photo and written form. I battle anxiety and stress inwardly so much that it helps to have an outside, tangible form that channels my thoughts in bright direction.

So, what do you think? Does this sound like something you'd be willing to try? I'd love to know! And because I believe in the healing power of music, here's a playlist I made just for this week. These songs make me think of sun patches on the floor, pouring slow honey into steaming tea and happiness fluttering in the deep of your stomach at unexpected times. Hopefully it inspires you to slow and savor this week. Find it HERE.

ps. even if this style of journaling isn't your thing. Please, please, print your photos. Don't leave them on your devices and scroll through them every now and then. Print them out. There's nothing like holding those moments in your hands. I'm not sponsored or trying to sneak in some marketing. I'm trying to be a good friend by sharing something that I believe will enrich your life. Plus I'd love to hear what you do with your prints. I'm always up for fresh ideas!