here's to the chaos--in partnership with whirlwind

Don't let anyone fool you, life with multiple children is good. Like, so good. And it's also time consuming. And it's also magical. And it's also exhausting. Essentially, this lifestyle is a beautiful chaos of ups and downs, of breathtaking views and knee-scraping valleys. I need reminding on somedays but, this is what I signed up for. 

I wouldn't want anything less.

Ok, actually I maybe do want less. As in, less things in my life that add to the chaos of what it already needs to be. We're all about simplifying things over here. From our schedule, to the items we bring into our home. Simplicty is the overarching theme.

Enter the Whirlwind Backpack.

I initially reached out to Adina because I admired the 'look' of her backpacks but now, after using it for several weeks, I'm totally in love with how effortlessly it fits into our life. 

What we love about it:

  • The simply beauty.  I keep mentioning it but, since having kids, I get excited over products that we have to have anyway that are designed with beauty and functionality in mind. I love that we don't have to comprise on either with our Whirlwind Bag. 
  • The lightweight and compact design. Since we're already lugging two kids around, the last thing we need is a bulky diaper bag that's already heavy before we stuff it full of everything we need.
  • The primary zipper design that goes all the way down on both sides. It offers such easy access to everything inside. 
  • The two side pockets with elastic tops. They're both big enough to hold water bottles and sippy cups. But also secure enough at the top for me to slip my phone in if I need and know that it won't fall out.  
  • The capacity.  With how slim the profile is, I was pleasantly surprised to find how much we could fit in this bag. It holds everything we need for an outing with Scout and Behr with room to spare. 

We've taken our bag everywhere. From quick trips to run errands in town, to romping around in the mountains of Tennessee, to hiking in the park across from our house. It's held up through all that beautifully. At one point, it got stained up and I didn't get around to cleaning it for a week or too (because, but when I finally did clean it, the stain lifted without any issues at all. 

It's also a totally "family style" diaper bag that blends feminine and masculine styles in such a way that both Jonathan and I can enjoy wearing it. 

As any mom knows, having kids means having learn how to do everything one handed. It gets even trickier once you start adding more kids. I so wish I would have had this backpack style diaper bag when Behr was born. It's much more functional! And, of course, if you've been around here any amount of time, you know how much I wear my kids. This backpack is a perfect compliment to that as well. 

I can't say enough how grateful I am for well-thought out products that we can incorporate into our everyday. As parents of little ones, we crave necessary products that have the ability to enrich and simplify our beautifully messy lives with the way they blend into our days. The Whirlwind Bag is just such a product. 

So, here's to this intense, soul-growing season of life. I have to choose to embrace it as it comes (like every hour some days, ha!). Bring on the sleeplessness, the gummy smiles, the emotional outbursts, the milestones, the toddler snuggles and baby coos. Give me the weight of them in my arms and the joy of them in my heart. This is exactly as it should be.

What a beautiful thought.