Lake Cumberland, Spring 2017

Fair warning: this post is heavy on pictures and light on words. If only for my own family's sake, I want to start journaling like this again. It used to be a near daily practice and I miss it. Plus, I'm trying to exercise this blogging muscle before baby girl gets here. There's just something about a thoughtfully put together blog post that I love getting to look back on. 

All that to say, here's some personal documentation of our recent trip to Lake Cumberland. It's a simple place. The cabins are dark paneled and plain. There's not much to do but fish, breathe in the landscape and marvel at the sun playing in the myriads of trees. Come to think of it, I could always use more of all that. 

Things I want to remember about this trip: Behr being so excited to see the sun each morning. Coffee in tiny white mugs. All of us sleeping on the king size bed together. Slanted light through the old blinds. Jonathan looking rested. Behr never being able to pronounce 'granola bar' right. Watching my husband do the same things with his son at this place that his dad did with him. Reaching 31 weeks with our girl. Being reminded of how precious my time is with these two and how undeservedly blessed I am by their love. 

As silly as it sounds, sometimes I compare vacations or getaways that other's go on. I try to measure up our trips to see if they'd be as exciting or worthy of sharing about. It's embarrassing really. Isn't it a good enough reason just to travel and fall back in love with your dear ones all over again? And to be able to savor home in a fresh way once you return? I believe so. At least it is for me. If that's my mark, than I'd say this trip can be classified as worthy and good.