a {birthday} day on the town

My sister Melissa and I share a birthday. We're two years apart but since neither of us can remember life without the other we often say we feel like twins. I love it. Now that we're grown with our own homes and lives in separate states, it's pretty rare that we actually get to celebrate our birthday in the same place on our actual birthday. And because I'm so far along in this pregnancy and not cleared for travel, I thought it wasn't going to happen this year either. But Melissa and her family decided to make the trek to our house so we could be together. Since that hasn't happened in years, I was pretty happy about it! 

With two toddlers and a third trimester mama in the party, we decided to make the birthday celebrations easy on ourselves and keep it local. So a day Over the Rhine in Cincinnati it was! 

We stopped at the most darling little flower shop called Gia & the Blooms where I bought Mel a new plant for her birthday and Behr discovered the hard way to not touch the cacti with his curious little hands. The ladies there were so helpful and patient with our kids. I definitely want to go back soon. Anyone want to come with me? 

We chased babies on the bright streets, indulged in Macarons and picnicked under the suspension bridge on the best chicken salad sandwiches. We ended the day at Riverfront Park where the kids wore themselves out playing in the water and generally being adorable.

I'm so glad we have these beautiful humans to do life with (even from afar!).