here she comes--what's in our hospital bag

It's finally that time. I keep finding tiny onesies and hair bows sitting pretty on the bed. Her crib and bassinet are assembled and waiting. But, somehow, I'm still in a state of disbelief. So much of this pregnancy has just been about survival. I'll admit that I've even forgotten I'm pregnant at times because of the mind-numbing sickness or depression. But now when I look down and my view is swallowed by the width of my own belly. I think, "here she comes".  My heart ripples like leaves in dappled sunlight. It's finally, really happening. Time to pack up that hospital bag!

Let's start by talking about this duffel bag from Birdling. I've been a long time admirer of their work. I mean, who isnt? So when I contacted them to ask about featuring The Weekender as our hospital bag I was completely honored that they sent this one right over. Thanks Meagan, it's beyond what I was anticpating!

What I love about it:

  • It's sturdy and stylish. There's nothing I love more in a product than for it to have both beauty and functionality. 
  • The amount of storage. The one in this post comes with nifty dividers, inside mesh pockets and seven exterior pockets. This duffel will be big enough for all the mama, baby (and daddy!) essentials needed for our hospital stay. I really like that we can condense it all to one bag!   
  • Two ways to tote. I can carry like in the picture above but it also comes with a larger shoulder strap if we want to carry it messenger style. 

And now, for a peek inside. Tell me, did I forget anything? 

 What we're bringing for baby: 

  • two gorgeous swaddles from aden + anais gifted by our family friend Jamie 
  • two sleepers (zip up ones are SO much easier in my opinion) 
  • two pretty onesies + soft pants. For pictures and her coming home outfit--the tiny bunny one! 
  • Solly Wrap in the color Sky 
  • hair bows from Pemberley Handmade
  • paci clip from Loved by Sophia Claire
  • diaper changing mat from Gathre
  • baby oil from Min.Erbs
  •  Jellycat bunny (her first toy) and that twenty-eight year old stork bird baby which comes with a tiny backstory:  my uncle brought to the hospital when I was born and my mom saved it my entire childhood. So, I able to bring it along when Behr was born and now it will also be there when Bunny is born. My heart! 

What we're bringing for Mama: 

  • dreamy soft nursing robe from Motherhood Maternity 
  • two nursing bras. I'm bringing one "pretty" bra and another that's more of the "workhorse" type ;) 
  • two nursing/post partum body friendly tops from Maurices 
  • maternity pants + yoga pants
  • nursing pads  + nipple cream from Lansinoh
  • basic toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, contact solution, deodorant, etc) 
  • three comfy tank tops
  • Mama's Glow Belly Butter from Min.Erbs
  • honeysuckle lotion from Tubby Todd. It smells SO good. 
  • comfy, slip-on house shoes + socks

And there it is, what we're taking to the hospital to meet our girl! What were your birthing must-haves? Please be sure to jump in on the comment section of my Instagram to let me know! For now, our bag is (mostly) packed and--like me--looking mighty full and just waiting to get this whole birthing process started. Is it time yet?! 

A huge thank you once again goes to Birdling for generously collaborating with me on this  post. And because it needs to be said, I wouldn't share about their duffel with you guys here unless I truly loved how it fits into our life. So thank you for understanding and reading along. As always, you are what makes this all worth while.