an introduction

Scout - "to listen"

Lucy - "light"

Arrow - "purpose" 

We debated the confirmation of her name until--literally--the last moment. As in, we were pacing the hospital halls, working through contractions together while I'm saying to Jonathan, "She needs a name, babe." I remember when I was pregnant with her how Jonathan prayed over us right before bed at night asking Jesus to lead us to the right name for our daughter. I'm happy to say that He most certainly did. 

Scout was a name that, honestly, we both just liked. I know a lot of people will think we named her after the character from 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and while that isn't the case with our girl, I'm fine with people assuming that; Jean Louise (Scout) is a pretty cool literary heroine. The meaning "to listen" is something I love because it conveys the idea of being observant, of being compassionate through the act of choosing to pay attention. In a world that's increasingly loud and opinionated, hearts that genuinely listen can bring about great healing. 

Lucy came to us from two sources. First, I knew I wanted one of her names to having the meaning of "light". Back in the Winter, when I was horribly sick and slogging through depression, those short dull-gray days gnawed at my heart like an infection. It felt impossible to believe we would make it when there was no sunrise and no sunset; just apathetic skies that ended in long, shadowed nights. But those days when the Winter sun showed it's face brought such healing to my heart. I felt bolstered and hopeful. Jesus always brought them right when I needed them most and it meant everything.

The second way we knew Lucy was the right name happened right before she was born. I had been tossing different names that meant "light" to Jonathan but he wasn't keen on any of them except Lucy. Then one day while driving somewhere I mentioned that Lucy was my great-grandmothers name. Jonathan suddenly remembered that Lucy was also his great-grandmothers name. What?! How had we not known that before? Both Lucy's were godly women that held their families together through long, long seasons of great trial and suffering. Although their stories are different, they were each strong women in the Lord. Both sides of our families still benefit from the favor and grace Jesus poured into their lives. I'm proud to have a daughter as their namesake. I can't wait to tell her about the women she's named after. 

Arrow was a name that had been on our "baby names list" since before Behr was born. Besides it meaning the obvious: arrow. It's also found in Scripture:

"Listen to me, O coastlands, and give attention, you peoples from afar. The Lord called me from the womb, from the body of my mother he named my name. He made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me a polished arrow; in his quiver he he hid me away. And he said to me, "You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified." -Isaiah 49:1-3

When looking at the name Arrow in the context of this verse it conveys the idea of loving, intentional purpose. God wanted Isaiah to be like an arrow; designed and used for a specific reason. Not aimlessly stumbling through life, wondering what his identity was or what he put on the earth for. God created  Isaiah to fly, strong and true, striking hard into the core purpose He has for all of us: to glorify God with our lives. 

This is our heart-prayer for Scout as well. May she learn early on that God has lovingly ordained a path for her life. May she follow it without wavering and become a holy, beautiful weapon for the kingdom of her Heavenly Father. 

Even though it's been a full month with this little light of ours, we're still completely smitten. Every morning we get to wake up and learn more about her. Every day offers fresh ways to fall in love with this tiny person who we can't believe we've been gifted with. 

We love you brighter than the sunrise, little one.