the celebration of simplicity--in partnership with min.erbs

This season of my life is simple. There's an ebb and flow to our days that's teaching us how to love in the simplest forms. It's holding their frames in my weary arms. It's nursing Scout while trying to navigate Behr through a three-year-old emotional outburst. It's singing them both to sleep; one in the Solly Wrap and one in my arms. Our life has been stripped down to the basics of comforting and caring for  two tiny humans. I'll admit that sometimes I resent the monotony (and the intensity) of it all. But I keep telling myself, These are the days, don't wish this away; don't miss out on the beauty in your mundane. 

And I've found that when I lean in--instead of begrudge--the simplicity of what my life has to be for this short season, I flourish. 

Today, I want to talk about a company that's helping me to do just that. Allow me to introduce you to an all natural skin care line (and the wonderful women behind it!) called MinErbs. If you read 'till the end you find a sweet surprise they've offered to all of you! 

There's something about entering motherhood that opens you up to a whole new level of awareness. My senses have been sharpened to the dangers and wonders of the world . I fiercely want my children to be shielded from and deeply enjoy both.  So when sweet Nikita sent me these products I was so excited to incorporate them into our life. Each product is made in small batches using only 100% locally harvested or ethically sourced ingredients. I feel entirely safe using them on myself and our babies to protect and nourish our skin in healthy ways. 

Both of our children deal with mild dry skin from time to time and the Baby Butter has helped so much with that. We keep the Shoo Bug spray on hand for Behr as he enjoys the last days of summer (but not the pesky the mosquitoes and ticks we have around here). And, finally, I'm in love with the Rose & Bramble Toning Mist Spray for myself. Once again, the song of my days is simplicity, so I only use this product and coconut oil as my "facial routine". And, so far, my face hasn't experienced any of those typical, hormone induced breakouts. I don't even wear foundation now and feel completely confident in doing so. 

I'm proud to share about brands like MinErbs because I can personally assure you that they're run by genuine souls who truly about the products they lovingly create for your families. Please take a moment and read their story and why they do what they do. I know you'll fall in love with them as fast as I did. And because Nikita & Simona are amazing humans they're offering all of you dear readers a 25% discount with the code: BREABIRD25 through the end of August! 

So here's to the simple, slow, soft days. The ones that blend together and seep into memory like raindrops on thirsty ground.

What a privilege to hold this sacred space for the ones I love.