A Free Gift and Tiny Love Note from Me.

The words in the prints below sum up the heart of why I do what I do. Why I use Instagram as way to minister and connect with you. Why I write and tell stories with my images. Why I’ve poured so much grit and prayer into a business to teach women how to seek out—and fall in love with—the story they’re living.

This is it. The message I want you to be able to embrace:

“I was here. What I did mattered. This was the glory of my days.”

And because I want to give you a tangible reminder, please scroll down to see a (completely free, no strings attached!) printable of this quote as my gift for you. Tape it on your fridge, hang it up in your office, stick up on the mirror where you get ready for the day. Because we all need reminding of this.

We all need to know that whatever our days look like, we were here for it. We participated in how the story unfolded. We need to understand that the magic and the beauty and the meaning isn’t waiting for us somewhere off in the hazy future. Our glory is here, right where God has us. This—right this minute—is what we need to be living for.

Print this for yourself or print it for as a small gift for a loved one. And though you certainly don’t have to be a mama to benefit from this message, you can even consider this an early Mother’s Day gift from me to also share with others ;)

I can’t wait to see how you use it to spread some love! Just do me one favor and let me know? Tag me on Instagram or send me a message showing me what you do with it. Sharing what I do here with YOU is what makes this all worthwhile.


  1. Right click or long press on the image to save to your device.

  2. Retrieve from “download” folder and print (or use as wallpaper on your phone!)

    ps. there are two options, so make sure to scroll down to pick which one is your favorite. Or use both, ha!