the fighting for

Let's start off with some bare-faced honesty: I'm not entirely comfortable sharing the images in this post. Why? Because it's not what I would consider my best look. But--and here's more honesty spilling out--this is how I appear most of the time. Glasses, bird's-nest messy bun and some form of soft, bland colored clothing adorning my body. I'm a stay-at-home, running-our-business-from-home, writing-from-home wife and mother. And to be clear, that position doesn't elevate or lower my worth in society.  It's simply what I've chosen--and what God has graciously provided for--as my role in life. What I do for a living, who I am as person and what I believe I'm called to do are all woven together in the walls of my home each day. It's messy and hard and exhausting. But here's the secret: it's also undeniably beautiful. 

Yes, even something as commonplace as feeding him a banana by the window can be worthy of celebration and remembrance. This is why I made myself capture it in this way. A well documented life is well-loved one.

So, in case you're drowning in a sea of perfectly posed moments washing up on your phone screen everyday, this is me throwing out a rope. I want you to know that I'm just like you. I don't wear dresses everyday. I don't always have fresh flowers in my home. I don't always wear my hair down while Behr snuggles me outside at golden hour. Yes, I do all those things (and enjoy them!) but most days, it's just me hanging out in my sweats and trying to get through the day. You too? Oh, that's so nice to hear. 

This is for you. This is for me. This is for all of us.

A fresh perspective through the avenue of photography crafted to speak a singular message: "Ordinary is beautiful."

It's the one thing I hope you fully embrace as you read this: You don't have to force beauty. You just have to commit to fighting for what's already there.

Now tell me, aren't you ready to fall wildly in love with your life?


ps. three things: 1. stay tuned around here as I've got much more goodness to share on this subject. It's all being carefully constructed with love for you, dear one. 2. I'm doing a giveaway on Instagram tomorrow! 3. This week's playlist is in the works, be watching for it this Friday!