isabelle & claire

"All I know is we said, "Hello."
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed."

-Everything Has Changed, Taylor Swift

I could fill page after page with words attempting to adequately describe what this experience was like for my side of the family but, at this point, it wouldn't do it justice.

How do you quickly sum up what it's like to welcome two tiny, precious, perfect, wondrous baby girls in your family on the same day? How to tell of the bravery their mama's wore, of the quiet courage their daddy's pulled on like armor? How to describe what it's like to hold Claire in all her dark-haired, winsome glory and then Isabelle crowned in the softest shades of silken gold?

The truth is, I can't. 

All I know is that the story of their arrivals will forever be a legendary tale to be recounted over and over in the history of our family. A story of joy. A story of exhausting excitement. A story that bears witness to the miracle of new life and the never-ending grace of Jesus Christ. 

Please enjoy the following photo compilation. In some small way it's my attempt to convey all the wonder we experienced in this last week.

The week our September girls were born.